1.    Fate matching, limited t

Getting to know each other from strangers to knowing or falling in lovemay only take 7 days.From the beginning, 11:11 Appis different from the solutions and scenarios of othersocial Apps like WeChat or Whatsapp, or Viber. They aremore about maintaining therelationshipsof old friends. What we want to solve is the need to make new friends. While welargely do not want to letourusers’ relationships settle in the platform. Instead, they will transform from 11:11 friends to good friend or Mr. /Ms. Right in real life

APP features:

1.    Fate matching, limited time chat -11:11 every night,only 11 minutes, to quickly grasp the fate. Heartbeat must hurry to add friends, and you can continue to talk in the future.

2.    365° dates -A fun dating channel, looking for the best in all directions. Various types of online stars have appeared.

3.    The same school community -the school communication forum, found the same school but the person who passed by.

4.    Sugar Beans —each sugar bean is worth treating with sincerity. Every day, you can accumulate sugar beans in exchange for various benefits.

5.    Friends System -Although you are at the end of the world, we may be strangers or friends. A separate friend system that makes chats unburdened. Customized forgetful list, the fate of the past is no longer missed.

6.    The chief of the school to claim -the exclusive channel for the graduates, the identification function of the schoolmates. Even if everyone graduates, we are still canget in touch on the campus APP.