Easy Pay

1. Financial artefacts -support <Pocket Money&g

EasyPayis proved as a reliable payment system by thechoice of more than 30 million users. EasyPayis the essential mobile payment and financial management for your life, which is a financial treasure that will make money –< Pocket Money > feature, of which itsinterest far exceeds bank demand].

APP features:

1. Financial artefacts -support <Pocket Money>amount of transfer, transfer and revenue query. Use <Pocket Money Loan> feature, so that both shopping and financial management are not delayed.

2. Convenience Payment -Support Transfer between accounts, transfer to bank card, credit card repayment, credit recharge, water and electricity fixed-line broadband payment, campus One-Pass card recharge.

3. Secure Wallet -EasyPaysupportscheckingbalances, top-up, transfer, and keep your transactions safe and secure. Most financial managementApptools are radical, robust, and conservative. But one of these tools is special, and that is insurance. Insurance is very necessary for the process of investing in wealth management because it only makes sense to manage personal risks. Everyone and every family need to build a portfolio that can be attacked and retreated, to prevent poverty due to accidents and diseases, and to return to poverty. Therefore, financial management needs to be based on insurance.