Xin Shang

1. 100 yuan discount: new registration can get 100

Too poor to buy luxury goods! how to do? On Heart app is here to help you! The On heart app provides you with a luxury C2C trading platform that everyone can afford luxury! This app is a platform that provides idle luxury trading. In the heart app, you can buy genuine goods with cabbage price!

APP features:

1. 100 yuan discount: new registration can get 100 yuan universal discount!

2. Zero commission: All idle luxury goods on the platform are temporarily not charged any commission. Yes! the benefits are all for you!

3. Platform genuine guarantee: All commodities traded on the platform will arrange professional luxury appraisal team to carry out serious and strict appraisal of the goods, ensure the genuine products will be shipped to the buyer, fully guarantee the rights and interests of the buyers and sellers and shopping experience!

4. Direct communication between buyers and sellers: Which bag to look at on the platform, to find direct communication with the seller, various problems, one-click communication, quick resolution, your Ma Ma no longer have to worry about her dissatisfaction!

5. Reasonable transaction process: In order to ensure the rights and interests of both parties to the transaction, we always adhere to the principle of no inventory and no accumulation of goods, and the transaction process saves time and worry!

The app also provides information on luxury cleaning and maintenance. The professional team at the heart can provide luxury identification and maintenance services to provide you with a comprehensive one-stop luxury after-sales service. The platform currently has zero commissions, authenticity guarantees, direct communication between buyers and sellers to make your idle luxury goods quickly realizable, and paying low prices can also buy big names.