Asthma Butler APP

1. Asthma Prevention Guide -Watch the Asthma Speci

This is a professional free medical treatment Asthma Managerthat includes listening to expert lectures, recording only asthma diaries, buying asthma and allergy medications.

APP features:

1. Asthma Prevention Guide -Watch the Asthma Specialist's Lecture and related information for free.

2. Medication Video Guide -You can watch the instructional videos on the use of asthma and rhinitis drugs. After the patient uploads the video, the medical staff will guide the medication online.

3. Asthma check -Know your current level of asthma control and master your condition.

4. Recording -Easily record medication status and lung function with the Smart Drug Manager and Intelligent Peak Flow Meter. Evaluate medication adherence, efficacy, and risk of onset.

5. Consultation with a doctor -Consult a team of asthma specialists or a visiting hospital doctor for medical conditions and rehabilitation considerations.