Good Doctor online

1.    6 million Patients share

The user can easily submit the condition, and the 90,000 professional doctors are divided into consultants online, andthe system intelligently arranges for your doctor to answer questions.Instantly update the doctor's clinic accurately Open/close the information so that you have a reference and avoid running in vain.

APP features:

1.    6 million Patients share the experience of medical treatment, help you find a good doctor.1.Free consultation -Free online questions, confusion before the illness, hesitation after seeing a doctor can get a reply from the doctor.

2.    Telephone consultation -Directly contact the expert himself to get advice from doctors to reduce the cost of seeking medical care.

3.    Make an appointment plus -Book a doctor for free and save you time in the queue. Telephone clinic -long-term medical consultation with well-known experts in the country, doctors can make a phone call, no longer have to go out often.