Baby car Rental

Business philosophy-"integrity, quality, authentic

This is a complete system to solve the waste of maternal and child supplies. We don't sell products, but we can provide a complete solution to help your family save money, protect the environment, make the home more space, and make the quality of parent-child life higher

APP features:

Business philosophy-"integrity, quality, authentic"; spend less, use good products.

Renting activities-download the registered APP account and log in, you can participate in the special offer of "limited time limited car rental"

Mom's recommendations -Every day, there are comments from users who have a successful refund, credit word of mouth, mother's recommendation.

Member’sprivileges-green channel, discount on orders, birthday privileges.New Privilege Preemptive experience, enjoysthe VIP logo, and rent a robot to enjoy a 50% discount.

Special sale venue-a unique sale venue, and users can use the deposit to deduct some of the consumption, which is more favorable than other platforms.