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How To Make Profit From Freight Logistics App

We have made a one-stop solution for Freight Logistic Transportation.

Here’s the best Logistic app “Gonlolo” that connects consignors, logistic companies and truck drivers across Myanmar. 

We were approached by the client to make an app that addresses the problem of Fragmentation in Freight Transportation, deficient information between the consignor and truckers and 80% of trucks return empty rate as well as high logistics costs in the market. His thought was to collect all the trucks and goods into one central platform, matching shippers and truckers with a transparent fee. He wanted us to build a mobile app for both the platform (ios and android) that can let users upload cargo and accept goods to transport to truck drivers. Gonlolo logistic app has 2 panels, for consignors (or) shipper who uploads cargo and for truck drivers who accept goods to transport.

Gonlolo Consignor Panel

Consignor or shippers, they can upload their cargo on the app with all detail information about their goods and wait a while for the driver to accept cargo order. Once the driver has accepted the order shipment, the consignor can track the shipment anytime through the app.

More information about Gonlolo consignor app: http://onelink.to/6dg4gf

The Specifications of Gonlolo Consignor App

• Available thousands of pre-verified drivers in the app

• Able to upload details information of cargo as well as can read update news in the app

• Can manage shipment status and track the route

• Can easily find a reliable driver which save time

Gonlolo Driver Panel

The driver can find the route and respectable cities that he feels comfortable to transport. E.g.If he wants to go to Yangon-Mandalay, he can choose (Yangon-Mandalay) in the app, then he will find the cargo details to transport. After that, he chose the route and goods for shipment and contact to the consignor.

More information about Gonlolo driver app: http://onelink.to/qcu5y9

APP features:

The Specifications of Gonlolo Driver App

• Easier to find goods and details information about cargo including the price in the app.

• Able to know the cargo orders according to the chosen route as well as can read the updated news.

• No worries for getting order after accepting the first cargo to transport.

• Reduce empty return rate

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