Happy Travel

1. Feel the joy of life for global riders and shar

Happy Travel make your music car seamlessly connect with your mobile phone and open a new era of mobile control entertainment

APP features:

1. Feel the joy of life for global riders and share the joyful moments of life with riders from all over the world.

2. We set more intimate features just to make you happier and summon riders to play together. A wide range of products and features are available in the point-zone and shopping zone to make your car unique.

3. Let you know the car well, connect the vehicle through wireless Bluetooth, you can know the speed, power and mileage of the vehicle in real-time, and use the lock and shutdown function to make the vehicle more convenient.

4. You can check the information you need at any time. You can learn about personal rankings, grades, number of coins, and event information. Checking the interaction with other riders You can also make an appointment through App after-sales service, eliminating the hassle of calling. Happy Travel has many functions such as viewing vehicle information, analogue remote control, freehand drawing, recording action, fault detection, parameter setting, path view and product repair. In addition, the app also includes a remote vehicle lockout feature to ensure the security of the vehicle.