Sharing eBike

1. Xiang Qi is aimed at short-distance travel prob

Xiang Qiis committed to the electric vehicle timing rental service, providing users with short-distance travel vehicles to meet the convenience needs of users from subway stations, residential areas, bus stations, supermarkets, commercial areas, schools and otherplaces. The user can use the APP to complete the borrowing/returning task. The user arrives at the QR code on the site scanning car and clicks the unlocking button to complete the borrowing. Its Lock-function at anytime and anywherealsomeets the user's flexible travelexperience.

APP features:

1. Xiang Qi is aimed at short-distance travel problems within 5 kilometres of urban people.

2. With innovative mobile Internet thinking and economic travel costs, Xiang Qieffectively enhances the travel experience of urban people.

3. Through the app, people can quickly complete the rent/return process, which is very simple, convenient and fast.

4. Subway stations, shopping malls, large supermarkets, communities and colleges are all major places where everyone can enjoy the travel experience we provide.