Friend borrowing

What can Friend Borrow do for you?-You have a good

Friend Borrow (有借)is a social finance application for lending management and money transactions between acquaintances. Relying on the huge credit data collection, advanced data mining technology and intelligent search technology, we are committed to providing efficient and convenient loan services to easily realize the loan demand.

APP features:

What can Friend Borrow do for you?

-You have a good relationship with friends, so you are embarrassed to borrow money!Use Friend Borrow —rigorous without losing humor, and borrowing does nothurt feelings.

-Separated from friends, the paper IOU is too much trouble?Use Friend Borrow.

-send with one button, confirm with one button, save your countless troubles.

-I borrow too much money and often forget who I borrowed money.Use Friend Borrow.

-1 minute, log in to fill in the point to save, no longer afraid to receive the wrong account!

-At the crucial moment, forget where the IOU is placed.Use Friend Borrow-save the loan on the line, the evidence will never be lost.Friend Borrowis a secure electronic loan and IOU financial service tool for borrowing money/repayment of money between friends. And through the CA certification, the e-lending contract is legal and legal, which simplifies the lending process between friends. Friendly dunning can record and add collections so that the rights and needs of online borrowing and bank financing can be fully guaranteed and satisfied. At the same time, at the request of the central bank and other regulatory agencies, the use of Internet financial services requires real-name certification